Scientists of S. Toraighyrov PSU met with a representative of the research and production association “Karbon” Igor Kogay. The meeting was held in the science and technology park “Ertis”.

During the round table, the current prototypes of carbon fiber-based thermo panels, the manufacture of which is an environmentally friendly production, were presented.

“At present, it is possible to manufacture devices based on carbon fiber to maintain the required air temperature in residential apartment and civil facilities, such as underfloor heating, and electric heaters. There are also developments for heating of reinforced concrete forms, benches, “smart” bus stops that do not require expensive installation”, I. Kogay emphasized.

According to the Vice Rector for Research and Innovations, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Nurlan Yerzhanov, this cooperation will allow developing several startups where students and graduates will have the opportunity not only to familiarize themselves with the production, but also to participate in the processes of integrated development of innovative heating solutions and conduct an energy audit.

It should be noted that the joint activities of the University and the association “Karbon” will reduce the cost of this technology and enter the Kazakhstan market on a large scale.