The ceremonial opening of the classroom named after the Honored Education Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of the Association “Scientists of Kazakhstan”, academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Candidate of Twchnical Sciences, professor Radul Idayatovich Serzhanov was held at the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

The audience “Metal forming processes” is equipped at the expense of the graduates of the department “Metallurgy” and the enterprise PB LLP “KSP Steel”.

Professor Radul Serzhanov (1938 - 2018) worked at the university for 35 years, trained0 3 candidates of technical sciences, more than 250 engineers and bachelors, 10 masters in the specialties of the Department of Metallurgy.

Radul Idayatovich published about 150 scientific and methodological works, including 25 copyright certificates and patents for inventions, 28 educational and study guides, 3 monographs.

Pupils and associates especially emphasized that Radul Serzhanov was distinguished by a high sense of responsibility, professionalism, and a creative attitude to work. He always enjoyed respect and well-deserved authority among the faculty and students.