Scientists from the Faculty of Energy Engineering of S.Toraighyrov PSU visited a number of energy enterprises "KEGOC" JSC, Gorelektroset of Ekibastuz, and "Samruk-energy" JSC "First Wind Electric Power Plant" LLP in Yereimentau.

The parties discussed further cooperation, addressing the problematic issues of enterprises and the possibility of solving them.

The management of the Ekibastuz electric network paid special attention to the lack of specialists. Due to the low salary, there is an outflow of personnel choosing a higher paid job. As an additional incentive, the parties decided to organize a paid practice with further employment.

For further use at "KEGOC" JSC, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Electric Power Alexander Novozhilov proposed the implementation of protective and diagnostic devices that work using new and promising technologies that operate without current and voltage transformers.

At a meeting with the leadership of the First Wind electric power plant, scientists shared their views on the introduction of “clean” energy not only in enterprises, but also in private farms.

Let us recall that the first 22 wind turbines of the station in Yereimentau have been producing “clean” energy since 2015.

For the further dissemination of this experience throughout Kazakhstan, it is necessary to consider in detail the issue of reliability, take into account the wind rose. Since the wind flow determines the power output energy.

According to scientists, private individuals need to pay attention to renewable sources of electric energy - solar panels and wind power stations for use in their households, and transport excess electricity to the network for sale.