Within the framework of a working visit to the enterprises of the Pavlodar region, a delegation of S. Toraighyrov PSU visited the branch of JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ”of the Pavlodar branch of the main network Pavlodar distance of power supply.

During the meeting, Renat Ibraev, the head of the power supply distance, outlined the most important problems of the enterprise, noting that in order to maintain free competition, Kazakhstan has an antitrust law on the sale of goods and services, which implies the absence of monopolists, as a result of which the final consumer suffers.

There are situations when there is an additional increase on the product for the final user in the electricity transportation market. This is due to unscrupulous energy market players who act as additional intermediaries.

For example, there is a power line from the supplier to the consumer, an additional player buys an intermediate section of the line on this route and wedges into the financial scheme between the parties. From here comes the additional cost of the final product.

The intermediary can have both his own section of the line and the substation, and use the quota for the purchase of a certain amount of MW, which he sells.

If the intermediary is the owner of the transformer substation or section of the line, then he is responsible and operating costs for maintenance in case of failure. An example is the case in Aksu, when residents of the microdistrict were waiting for the resuming of electricity supply for two weeks. The owner of the substation delayed repairs until the regional akimat got involved.

Following the meeting, a group of scientists from S.Toraighyrrov Pavlodar State University will make suggestions for a more efficient power supply system for this enterprise, as well as recommendations on tariff setting for electricity.