The literary hour “Through the pages of the great life” dedicated to the works of A. Solzhenitsyn was held at S.Toraighyrov PSU.

At a meeting of Students of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, participants of the “Inspiration” book club got acquainted with the main stages of the life and work of the writer.

The story was accompanied by the presentation “A. Solzhenitsyn. Personality. Creation. Time”.

During the event, the book exhibition “The Sad Monument of the Epoch of the Gulag Archipelago” was presented at which the most famous works of the author “The Gulag Archipelago”, “Matryona’s Home”, “One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich”, “The Cancer Ward”, “August 1914” were shown illustrating the diversity.

- The fate of the heroes of Solzhenitsyn’s books is always tragic and inextricably linked with history, and the main theme of all his works is the preservation of the human soul. With his books and actions, the writer stated: one must not live by lies”, librarian Elena Likhanova says.

The event ended with a lively discussion of the books of a famous writer.